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For some, it can be an added comfort to hear background music while eating a meal.

In an attempt to attract more diners during the pandemic, a restaurant in the city is trying something new.

The Chop House on Main started Jazz on Monday.

Owner Amber Carlson noted that guests can expect the same high-end dining experience they always have, but this time around there will be live music.

She added that since the pandemic closed the restaurant in March, it has taken a hard hit, financially, and “Yes, we hope to attract more people with Jazz night.”

While guests dine, Carlson said, they can enjoy Razz and Friends jazz music in the background. “We just started reopening Monday nights so they were slower and we wanted to help increase bookings that night. “

Carlson said the music will be played from about 5:30 p.m. to about 8 p.m.

Ralph Rasmusson, better known as “Razz” has been a music teacher, conductor and jazz enthusiast. Ask him about jazz music and he’ll give you an overview, a story, and tips on how to play the genre. He loves jazz. By chatting with him, you will learn more about music – not because he is trying to educate you about music, but rather because he can connect music in some way to your life. In educative language, it allows listeners to draw on their own experience to make it a new experience.

Razz has had the privilege of working with hundreds of talented students – many of whom have developed great careers – who all did all of the work themselves. “It’s always fun to see where their efforts have taken them” he said.

While waiting to perform, Razz said the new gig reminded him of a time when clubs and restaurants in Jamestown and the area were the scene of many live bands.

Since starting with a trio in 1962 at Vikings Lodge, he has continued to work with various groups in Jamestown and Warren, PA. “I think I have probably performed in every bar and dance hall in Jamestown for the next 50+ years,” Razz said. “I played with Joe Prince at the Moose club, and many years with Busty Muzzy in Italian and Swedish clubs. That equated to two and three nights a week during that time. I had the privilege of playing with many bands in the area – it was the funniest way to relax back then – most bands were playing standards from the 30’s and 40’s so you could attend a concert and join the group ”, he said. The Razz is a mine of information on the history of jazz. And by listening to him speak, you see the smile on his face, and you can tell that he enjoys listening as well as researching current and older trends in music. Whether it’s big band swing, smooth, dixieland, bebop or fusion, after chatting with him you will take home a whole new understanding of all this jazz.

Restaurant website chophouseonmain.com said, “We have taken the necessary steps to make sure our customers are safe with whatever is going on. Masks are mandatory until you are seated and all tables are spaced at least six feet apart. “

The Chop House On Main is located at 2-6 E. Second St., Jamestown. For more information call 708-6978 or also visit facebook.com/ChophouseonMain.

“I’m still not quite sure what my expectations are as we have never done live music at the Chop House especially since the start of the pandemic, but I hope it will be a good turnout”, Carlson added.

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