UW Jazz Orchestra, Varsity Blues – Isthmus


press release: The UW Jazz Orchestra curates and performs music ranging from classical big band repertoire to contemporary and cutting-edge jazz music from concerts by today’s leading jazz composers.

The Orchestra was founded in 1968 as the premier jazz and popular music ensemble at the Mead Witter School of Music by trombone teacher Allen Chase. Now under the direction of Dr Johannes Wallmann, its past managers have included bassist Richard Davis, saxophonist Les Thimmig, trombonist Claude Cailliet and trumpeter Jim Doherty.

The Spring 2022 UW Jazz Orchestra includes Ben Stoffel-Murray, John Krueger, Jared Reiss-Lavoie, Samantha Meiller, Zach Ramirez, saxophones; Nathaniel Schmidt, Daniel Hintzman, Jacob Hogan, Will Kelley, trumpets; Travis Cook, Kaden Buck, Michael Trotier, Zachary Bethel, trombones; McGregor Farah, guitar; Jack Johnson, piano; Alex Feucht, bass; and Abe Stoffel-Murray, drums.

***Masks are not mandatory but encouraged. Please present vaccination cards or negative COVID test results within 24 hours are required and can be presented at the door.




Tickets: $10

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Henry R. Wright