Reinventing the colorful world of jazz music through groovy new beats – The Jazz Catz unveil new single “Rat Race”


A multi-talented and hugely accomplished band, The Jazz Catz have taken the jazz music world by storm with their consistent and captivating musical releases.

The Jazz Catz are the newest and freshest jazz music addiction for people around the world. Their unique sound was a treat for fans when they debuted in 2017, and left them wanting more after each release. The Jazz Catz are a dynamic duo who built their music from scratch. They are versatile and compose, arrange, record and play all their instruments themselves. Boris Guderjahn and Ryan Sackanary have been hard at work and unveiled their exciting new single “Rat Race” on May 4, 2022, which is already on its way to becoming a big hit. Their authenticity and originality are evident and already have fans addicted to the song.

With a spectacular debut and multiple hits to their name, they released the album “Timeless”, nominated for the Mzantsi Jazz Award in 2 categories: Best Contemporary Jazz Album and Best International Jazz Collaboration. Their immense critical acclaim and popularity among listeners is a testament to their distinct sound, which takes the listener on a journey of pure joy. The Jazz Catz believe that music shouldn’t be too intellectual or too difficult to follow. On the contrary, it should make you feel some emotion – in the case of the Jazz Catz, joy and pleasure. They believe times are already tough and challenging and people want something to feel good about. Their sound is a fusion mix of a bit of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Weather report combined with pop and classic elements, and their new single has equal parts of their “signature” sound, and equal parts of new elements. and surprising.

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The Jazz Catz are two super talented people, Boris Guderjahn, born in Germany, and Ryan Sackanary, born in Cape Town, South Africa. The group has been churning out hit after hit since 2017 and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. With their first album, “Timeless”, they crossed the bridges from contemporary music to classical music. And with their latest album, “Con Fusion”, they experimented with different and complex sounds, taking the listener on an adventure. The Jazz Catz have constantly reinvented their musical style while remaining authentic to their original sound. Their music has welcomed fans from all over the world and they are on their way to becoming one of the best jazz bands in the world. With three albums already out and their new single set to become a major sensation, The Jazz Catz are surely on their way to becoming one for the ages.










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