Preview: National Youth Jazz Orchestra celebrates Amy Winehouse


The concert series will celebrate Amy Winehouse’s legacy, reinventing successes and revisiting the early works she sang with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) in 2000 as a promising sixteen-year-old singer. It will be an opportunity to see incredible young musicians honor Amy’s short but unforgettable career with a performance for big band jazz fans and Amy’s obsessives.

Without a doubt one of the UK’s greatest musical talents, Amy’s uniqueness, vocal dexterity and masterful writing have made her a pop icon. Today, ten years after his death, his music still shines, intact, with all its provocative brilliance.

Arrangements will be provided by award-winning composer, saxophonist and improviser Oliva Murphy and brass player Winston Rollins will direct the show. Talented Leeds native Lucy-Anne Daniels will take on the role of Amy, and she explained: “It’s a little scary because Amy was once me! It’s really charming because it showcases me and Olivia as promising musicians ”.

NYJO features some of the UK’s most talented young jazz musicians, and after decades of performing at various venues across the UK and Europe they have launched the careers of many other jazz musicians including Guy Barker, Mark Nightingale and Laura Gurd.

Existing to empower young jazz musicians and inspire musical audiences across the UK, NYJO has grown from a single jazz orchestra to a multi-faceted organization committed to supporting and developing young musicians in the early stages. of their career.

The orchestra provides a gateway for accomplished young musicians to advance in the industry. The group represents a unique opportunity to gain vital experience in professional environments; explore the myriad of styles and sounds within the genre; and forge new relationships with a range of other musicians.

You can see the National Youth Jazz Orchestra celebrating Amy Winehouse at the Royal Concert Hall on Thursday, September 23. Tickets cost £ 18.50 and can be purchased here.

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