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A group of students started an on-campus jazz club known as Jazz Jacks.

The club is open to anyone, whatever their specialization, who knows how to play an instrument. The jazz club was officially launched earlier this semester, according to Jazz Jacks president Max Muciño, a graduate teaching assistant from Weatherford who specializes in trumpet. The idea came about after Muciño and a few of his friends started organizing what they called “jazz jam sessions”, where they would meet and play jazz music together.

Muciño said that since this will be his last year at SFA, he wanted to look for a way to continue jazz sessions even after graduating. Therefore, he decided to start a jazz club on campus to continue what he and his friends had started.

“Now we meet every Friday night, and it’s a little more organized now,” Muciño said. “We don’t just cover our tracks. In fact, we read big band charts and music, and we have more than 30 members, including trumpets, saxophones, trombones, clarinets, drummers, bassists, guitarists, pianists. [and] singers.”

it served as a fundraiser for Jazz Jacks for the club to raise money to purchase items such as club shirts and music folders.

Jazz Jacks will also present a fundraising concert with the Swingin’ Axes and Swingin’ Aces at LugNutz Bar & Grill from 7-11 p.m. Friday. The money raised during this concert will go to the jazz scholarship of the SFA. “Our goals are to attract a large crowd, so we want as many people as possible to come,” Muciño said. “You know, the more people that come through the door, the more money we get for our organization, for the jazz bands, and for the jazz scholarship.”

Muciño said that while forming Jazz Jacks, he learned a lot about the commitment of the SFA student body. He said he loved watching him grow and how passionate those involved were about the club.

Garrett Kelly, a young music student from Ennis who plays electric bass in Jazz Jacks, said being part of the jazz club gave him great creative freedom.

“You don’t have to play what’s written,” Kelly said. “As long as you follow the form, you can play whatever you want, as long as it fits the form and the style, and I appreciate being able to do that.”

Sterling Davis, a freshman from Columbus, Ohio who is majoring in music education and plays trombone in Jazz Jacks, said jazz has been a big part of his life for 11 years and has helped Muciño to start the jazz club in order to generate interest in the genre around campus. He said he wants anyone who is into jazz but didn’t belong to a jazz band in high school to join him, even if they’re inexperienced.

“It’s a place where you can come and experience that and learn more,” Davis said. “It will help make you a better teacher. It will make you a better player.

Jazz Jacks rehearse from 9-10:30 p.m. every Friday night in room 170 of the Wright Music Building. Tickets for the concert at LugNutz can be purchased at the SFA Fine Arts box office for $10, but will be $15 at the door on the day of the event.

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