Live Interactive Boom-Bap Jazz Band MOBBLUZ presents an awe-inspiring musical journey with Upward Spiral; Complete listening essentials for a global audience


Philadephia, Pennsylvania, May 22, 2022 — ( — Music has different emotions, becoming indelibly more authentic when played with concert instruments by ensemble performers. Upward Spiral are songs, recorded and mastered at Legendary Boom Room Studios in Philadelphia, made during a tumultuous time in many of our lives; the pandemic, when musicians were eager to play together and collaborate creatively. Upward Spiral materialized after welcoming two new members to the band who introduced exciting ideas to elevate the bands sound and performance. MOBBLUZ Drummer Muzikaldunk, who was instrumental in the direction of their band and sound, produced the first single Grand Intro MOBBLUZ – Grand Intro (Official Music Video). Omar the MPC/Percussionist produced Funky Polish while having the opportunity to tour Europe for a year and MOBBLUZ enhanced the production with an upbeat live vibe. Keyboardist Dan Saleem proved essential to the MOBBLUZ jazz aesthetic; producing the title Finesse. Finally, Omar produced the bands favorite song on the Coast 2 Flight EP while on a trip to the Miami coast. Upward Spiral is an imaginative amalgamation of jazz, underground Boom-Bap vibes mixed with Live Funk.

MOBBLUZ is a live and interactive group, whose influences come mainly from Wu-Tang and The Roots Crew. MOBBLUZ recently held its first annual and widely celebrated 420 festival called “Fly High Philly”. Don’t miss a performance of MOBBLUZ, May 27 at The Grape Room in Manayunk, Pennsylvania at 8 p.m. for $7 tickets and June 12 at the ODUNDE Festival. Buy tickets for events and more from the official MOBBLUZ website.

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Henry R. Wright