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Health care providers should be fully immunized

I am very concerned about the COVID-19 vaccination status in Allegany County and more importantly the status of our healthcare providers.

The Maryland Hospital Association has a policy that all hospitals in Maryland have fully immunized staff. UPMC Western Maryland and Garrett Regional Medical Center have decided not to comply with this policy. It should be noted that Mercy Hospital in Hagerstown and Hospital in Winchester, Virginia require all staff to be vaccinated.

Within an hour’s drive, you can undergo colonoscopy, mastectomy, and even open heart surgery in a safer environment. I am also concerned about the medical offices that I visit. I know my nurse practitioner is vaccinated and I will check with my dentist, dental hygienist and eye doctor to make sure they are also vaccinated.

We must be proactive to protect our health in this pandemic.

Teddy Latta Frostburg

Jazz music was awesome in a new entertainment venue

Well done, well done, well done! That’s all I can say about the early days of one of the best jazz clubs on the east coast.

The performance given by the Tomajito Quartet at Loft 129 was excellent and on par with any jazz band you could name. The wife and I love live music and have been to jazz clubs in New Orleans, Memphis, Washington, DC, etc., and the sets we enjoyed with the rest of the audience could have been heard in the one of the aforementioned towns.

This club is a gem in what is fast becoming a vibrant and exciting downtown Cumberland. Once known as Queen City, could our new nickname be Mountain City of Jazz? I strongly encourage you to buy your tickets and enjoy a fantastic night of jazz the next time these guys take the stage.

I’m sure the bands they’ve lined up will be great too, but let me tell you this quartet is a must-see. The Cumberland Jazz Society is making great strides in providing the region with some of the best talent in jazz.

Let’s make sure we support their efforts and be there when they present the latest offers. Once again, I say well done for a job well done.

James wormack


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