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The Pioneer Jazz Orchestra and Jazz 1 performed from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on November 10 at the Brodbeck Concert Hall.

The concert was opened by the Pioneer Jazz Orchestra with a special dedication to veterans. For the first song, the orchestra performed the Glenn Miller Orchestra’s arrangement of “American Patrol”. There was a veteran in the crowd and the audience applauded his thanks before the song.

There were a total of seven songs performed by the Pioneer Jazz Orchestra in their part of the jazz concert.

Next, the orchestra performed “Afro Blue”, with special guest Steve Weist. Weist is a Grammy-nominated trombonist whose track clashed with the famous movie “UP.” Weist also composes and educates. He has worked for North Texas State, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and the University of Colorado.

Weist’s trombone solo was like a singer leading a choir, and his feature in the song, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” had the same effect.

After “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, there was a well-known track from the video game “Cuphead”. The song “Clip Joint Calamity” had a drum feature.

Marissa Mueller had a solo feature in the song “Outback the Barn”. Pioneer Jazz Orchestra adviser Allen Cordingley said Mueller could have done more feature films because she played perfectly.

“Dancing Men” drew the orchestra and Cordingley made the buzz. Cordingley explained that “Dancing Men” was Burning for Buddy Rich and really brought Cordingley back to a place in 1995.

Finally, the group closed with “I Wish” composed by Stevie Wonder. Every new song performed could be considered a favorite, but this performance took the cake as a crowd favorite. The audience was dancing on their seats and it took a lot of strength not to dance. The end had a clean cut, which marked the transition to the second half of the concert given by Jazz 1.

“James” was the first song performed, and Jazz 1 adviser David Cooper said the song was hopeful and simple.

Next, Jazz 1 performed “Just Friends”, arranged by Ron McConnell. It’s a very trombone song and it was very pleasant to listen to.

Not only Steve Weist played in some of the Jazz 1 songs, but composer and bassist John Christensen also starred in “Care”, which was arranged by David Cooper.

Ironically, the next song was “It Happened on Cooper Street”, which was introduced by Weist. Cooper and Weist have known each other for some time and Weist thanked Cooper for all his hard work at UW-Platteville.

The last song of the evening was “First Circle”. Cooper explained that the song was an emotional journey. This put the crowd in a relaxed and thoughtful mood to end the night.

This jazz concert was a great success as there were many students who performed wonderfully. It was a great concert to end the day.

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Henry R. Wright