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ASHLAND The Boyd County High School Jazz Band will provide sounds of the season with their costume concert, scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at the school auditorium.

John W. Johnson, director of bands at Boyd County High School, said this isn’t the first time the band has held a costume concert.

“It’s a great way for us to open our concert season in a fun and relaxed atmosphere,” Johnson said. “Kids always like to organize this particular concert.”

Maybe it’s because they wear costumes.

“Kids are always very creative when coming up with their costume ideas,” Johnson said, but they have to follow two rules. “You must be able to play your instrument and wear your costume at the same time and the costume must be school appropriate.”

Spectators can also wear costumes, if they wish.

“Kids always have fun watching their directors dress up,” Johnson said. It’s still top secret until just before the concert.

The music will be a mix of melodies suitable for Halloween and others.

“Some of the rankings can be considered creepy, with titles such as ‘Evil Ways’ and ‘The Black Cat’, while other selections fall into the ‘we love it’ category,” he said. .

Additionally, the concert will include a performance by staff member Kenny Chaney and an arrangement by percussion director Wes Denkins.

“It should be an outstanding evening of musical creation and enjoyment,” he said.

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Henry R. Wright