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The thrilling performance of the jazz bands at their Spring 2022 concert.

The EHS Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble gave their spring concert. First, the Jazz Combo played. Their first song was “Blues for Tally”, which was aptly named with a slow bluesy feel, and featured solos from Carter Slaugh (24), Dartanian Salazar (24), Mick Mccaskill (23) and Clayton Heid ( 25 years). . Their next song was Mamacita, which was a Latin theme song in which Mackinze Hays (25) played a solo. The band followed this with the song On a Misty Night. This song featured solos from Dustin Abney (24) and Itxel Nunez (22). The last Jazz Combo song was Funktion Junktion. They finished in style with many soloists like Callie Zacharias (25), Dustin Abney, Cody Greer (25) and Cameron Faust (22).

After a short intermission, the more refined Jazz Ensemble took the stage. Alex Rumley (23) said “I play alto sax because I really like the range and the tone I can play” and Abby Whitaker (22) said she likes playing percussion because ” in jazz, we’re kind of the most important and we control everything. The musicians kicked things off with The Cool One. Alex Rumley and TJ Hoffner (22) performed solos. The next song was Togo by the Huntones.

Alex Rumley transcribed the song and arranged it for the Jazz Ensemble to play. She said, “I sat at the piano for hours trying to pick different notes and count different rhythms.” She took the whole song apart and arranged it for each group of instruments.

They then played Honeysuckle Rose with another solo from Alex Rumley and one from Feliz Martinez (22). Finally, they finished with Bug Juice and a solo by Bryce Smith (22).

Of course, there is always room for improvement. “We are always trying to improve. We listen and work on balance, blending and solos,” Logan Doddridge said. The band can always sound better and challenge themselves, but Doddridge is proud of bands. He said, “I was proud of the transmission of knowledge from the strong seniors, and the young freshmen and sophomores really stepped up and filled their shoes and followed suit.”

The jazz band will undoubtedly wow audiences once again at their next performance on April 25.

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Henry R. Wright