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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Lithuanian band “Sheep Got Waxed” brings punk, rock and electronic music to jazz. They finished their Asian tour with Taipei as their last stop on October 8th.

“Sheep Got Waxed” consists of three young and handsome musicians, Simonas (saxophone), Adas (drums), Paulius (guitar). All of them have a master’s degree in jazz music.

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They met at school and then started their music career together. According to Simonas, “The band’s style is a mix of all kinds of things. We play punk, jazz and electronics. When we started the band we tended to try more free jazz.”

Regarding the early days of their practice, Paulius explained, “We played in the studio every day and rehearsed. We thought maybe someday something would come out.”

“Sheep Got Waxed” wrapped up its Asian tour on Monday in Taipei after two weeks with 11 performances in the region. It was in China that they started their entire journey with seven concerts, before going to South Korea.

“It was awesome and exhausting! We only slept 4 to 5 hours maximum a day. When we woke up, we were on the bullet train heading to the next stop,” the group said.

With Taipei as the last stop on the Asian tour, they performed at the Wall Live House. Their live music gave the audience a fabulous Monday night.

Eastern European band 'Sheep Got Waxed' rock Taipei with jazz music
The Wall Live House (image from Taiwan News / Lyla Liu)

Eastern European band 'Sheep Got Waxed' rock Taipei with jazz music
The Wall Live House (image from Taiwan News / Lyla Liu)

“This was our first visit to Taiwan. The audience, The Wall’s venue, and the sound equipment are great. When we performed on stage, we gave the audience as much energy as we could. Then we got feedback from them. It was like reloading, ”according to Simonas,

In addition, Simonas described the Taipei concert as “the icing on the cake”.

After returning to Europe, a new album will be recorded next year (2019) with new material. They are also looking forward to returning to Taiwan soon.

The “Sheep Got Waxed Live in Taipei” musical event was organized by White Wabbit Records (小 白兔 唱片 行). It was one of the performances of Original Live (本事 現場), a festival organized by the company, which invites international groups to Taiwan.

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