Composer Brian Field produces political satire with “Let’s Build a Wall!” “


With styles of Broadway musical theater, Brian Champ raises political extremism on both sides of the spectrum with his last job

Composer Brian Champ wrote an American political satire with his recent work Let’s build a wall!for tenor and chamber ensemble, in a style that nods to the tradition of musical theater. The play pokes fun at both sides of the political landscape in the United States. On the one hand, we hear extreme xenophobia and historical myopia on the right, and exaggerated liberalism and lack of skepticism on the left. The field oscillates between narrative points of view, always in a humorous vein. The voice of tenor Zoli Mujahid, who was a Eurovision finalist, is lovely in this setting.

Let’s build a wall!recently won first place as well as the Audience Award from the Royal Sound Music Competition and a Platinum Award from the LIT Talent Awards.

Compositionally, Field was influenced by post-Romanticism, jazz, and, clearly from this play, the tradition of American musical theater.

Field has already received numerous awards, including the NMR Classic Recording Award; the Benenti Foundation registration price; the Mullord Prize of the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra; First Prize, Briar Cliff Choral Music Competition; and First Prize, Victor Herbert ASCAP Young Composers Competition.

Brian Champ began piano studies at age eight and began composing at age sixteen, eventually studying composition at Connecticut College, with advanced degrees in composition at the Juilliard School and Columbia University.

Other recent Fields compositions are ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Tres Canciones De Amor’ which can be found on the Spotify and Sound cloud platforms. To learn more about this fantastic classical artist, you can visit his website, Facebook as good as Wikipedia pages.

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