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AUDUBON— The Audubon High School Jazz Band and Jazz Choir are busy practicing and performing in the area. Jazz band AHS recently competed in the IHSMA State Jazz Band competition in the Atlantic on Saturday January 29th. The group received a grade II in the competition and are looking forward to their other upcoming performances. On February 7, the AHS Jazz Choir will perform at the State Jazz Choir Festival at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs. The community is also invited to the Pork Loin Meal Band fundraiser on Tuesday, February 8 at Audubon High School.

Next on the agenda, the Audubon High School Jazz Band will perform at the Dick Bauman Jazz Band Festival on February 21 in Glenwood. The annual AHS Pops Concert is scheduled for Thursday, February 24, where the entire AHS Orchestra, along with the Junior High Jazz Band, AHS Jazz Band, and AHS Jazz Choir will perform for the public.

Also, join the party and see Bye, Bye Birdie, the Musical on March 4 and 5 at AHS Auditorium.

AHS Jazz Band members are Geri Anderson, Alexis Crawford, Sheridan Meese, Karson Hansen, Kennedy Rohe, Emma Brand, Brody Schultes, Allison Elmquist, Payton Gust, Mason Steckler, Mari Gleason, Kalee Juelsgaard, Elly Schultes, Alyssa Testoroet , and Rylee Brittain directed by Victoria Anderson.

The members of the AHS Jazz Choir are Gery Anderson, Kacie Anthofer, Abigail Erickson, Rylee Brittain, Brittany Huston, Ava Slater, Ashley Davis, Allison Elmquist, Abigail Zaiger. Izik Sorensen is on drums and Sue Kroeker is the pianist. The group is led by Tami Meiners.

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