Ardshinbank supports the development of Armenian jazz music


Ardshinbank and the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia have signed a cooperation agreement whereby the bank will provide financial support to the orchestra.

According to Artak Ananyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ardshinbank, supporting art and the preservation of cultural heritage are among the priorities of the Bank’s activity.

“Cooperation with society through culture is one of the most effective means of communication, because basic human values ​​are also transmitted through culture. Cooperation with the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia is a great responsibility for the Bank. The main goal of our cooperation is to support the true masters of high jazz. I am sure that as a result of this cooperation, new values ​​will be created that will contribute to the development of our cultural space said Artak Ananyan.

The Artistic Director of the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia, Armen Hyusnunts, explains:

“During its more than 80 years of activity, the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia has added many valuable pages to the cultural history of Soviet Armenia and the Republic of Armenia. today, the orchestra continues its active creative life, expected on the best stages of the world, and in Armenia, cooperating with talented artists of world renown. However, the purpose of the orchestra is not only to preserve the values created in the past or to provide jazz music to lovers of Western culture.the orchestra educates generations, transmits values, sets benchmarks of cultural qualities, and all this with the free spirit so particular to jazz.

Freedom, however, is expressed only in the creative impulse, and in its implementation it is easily limited when financial resources are insufficient. The help of our partner Ardshinbank is invaluable in managing the financial expenses of the orchestra. As a result, we will be able to keep the best specialists and musicians in Armenia, who already have many invitations from abroad, but do not emigrate, believing in the potential of our country”.

Ardshinbank’s operations are regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia.

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Henry R. Wright