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First, today’s weather forecast:

Sunny and much colder. Top: 35 Bottom: 29.

Here are today’s top 3 stories in Cincinnati:

  1. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the Cincinnati officer suing for defamation cannot remain anonymous. Cincinnati Police Officer Ryan Olthaus sued a group of citizens after accusing him of using a racist sign at a Cincinnati City Council meeting during the 2020 George Floyd protests. Originally, a local judge granted Olthaus anonymity with a sealed affidavit, but the state Supreme Court overturned that motion on Thursday. (WKRC TV Cincinnati)
  2. The Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra returns to the stage with music featuring two top jazz artists. The music will feature Chick Corea and McCoy Tyner with a premiere presentation on Good Morning Cincinnati. Tickets can be purchased on the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra website. (WKRC TV Cincinnati)
  3. The Cincinnati Police Department is seeking to identify two individuals who robbed a victim with a firearm on February 11. The incident happened at a gas station in Spring Grove Villages along West Mitchell Avenue. Authorities said the two thieves were driving a white Chevy sedan before stealing the victim’s vehicle and fleeing the scene. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers. (WLWT Cincinnati)

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Today in Cincinnati:

  • Community chat At the Community Town of Reading (00:30)
  • Naturalization ceremony To the League of Women Voters (2:00 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • The Cincinnati Zoo shares an adorable video of an armadillo waking up from a nap. Click to watch. (instagram)
  • The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden honors North America’s smallest wolf subspecies, the Mexican wolf. Click to see ‘el lobo’. (Facebook)
  • Cincinnati Ballet celebrates the opening night of their Cinderella ballet. Congratulations to all their talented dancers. (instagram)

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