WHS Jazz Band students qualify for jazz ensembles in the region and all states


From the Waxahachie High School Jazz Band, 11 students qualified to move on to the Area Jazz Band and record for the Texas All-State Jazz Ensemble later this month.

“I am excited and proud of the students for their accomplishments. They accepted the challenge in May and have worked diligently all summer to prepare their music to be great,” said group principal Richard Armstrong.

Jazz Band students participated in the Region 20 Virtual Jazz Audition on October 3. A total of 20 members auditioned for the Region 20 hearing.

According to Armstrong, 15 students got a chair in one of the two groups, 11 got a zone chair and a state record at the end of the month, and five students were the 1st chair out of 10 possible 1st chairs.

“We are delighted to congratulate the students listed below for securing a position with area jazz groups! Shared Waxahachie High School via social media.

The 11 students who qualified to move to the zone are listed below:

1st group (zone qualifications, registration for all states)

Dhruval Rangrej – Alto saxophone, 2nd chairman

Lilyanna Armstrong – Tenor saxophone, 2nd chair

Nick Dorazil – Bari Sax, 1st president

Charlie Autry – Trumpet, 1st Chair

Ethan Brown – Trumpet, 2nd chair

Camden Williams – Trumpet, 3rd chair

Austin Smith – Trumpet, 5th chair

Diego Ramos – Trombone, 1st Chair

Jair Gonzales – Trombone, 3rd chair

Cade Andrews – Bass Trombone, 1st Chair

Nick Evans – Drums, 1st President

In addition, the 2nd group was also recognized, with the students listed below:

Ben Sambell – Alto Sax, 1st Chair

Skyler Melin – Tenor saxophone, 1st chair

Natalie Auvenshine – Trumpet, 4th chair

Sam Burkhalter – Bass guitar, 1st chair

“Their achievement confirms that our program promotes individual competition and at the same time develops strong teaching skills in jazz,” said Armstrong,

The Jazz Band is currently made up of 36 students in one of the high school’s two jazz groups.

Additionally, Armstrong shared what he’s most excited for this season: He wants to continue to develop strong musicians eager to play jazz at a professional level, strong soloists eager to become viable artists, and two great bands that can perform. three hours -long sets.

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Henry R. Wright