Studying for a long time COVID | California wild horse debate | Pacific Standard Jazz Orchestra


What the UC Davis Post-COVID Clinic learned about the ‘long covid’. The migration of a herd of feral horses to eastern California has reignited a decades-long controversy over their growing population. Pacific Standard Jazz Orchestra makes its debut this weekend.

Study long COVID

In the eyes of the public, the pandemic looks more and more like the past. This week Governor Gavin Newsom declared that California’s COVID ‘state of emergency’ will end in February, which will mark three years since our way of life was uprooted and dismantled with stay-at-home orders. and closures in the spirit of public health. This follows President Biden telling 60 Minutes last month that “the pandemic is over” while warning that “COVID is still a problem”. But people are still getting COVID; hundreds of people still die every day in the United States, and for some who recover, they face a “grey area” of confusing lingering symptoms that can last for weeks or months from what we call “long Covid”. This week, in an interview with the Guardian, Dr Anthony Fauci warned of the pandemic ending prematurely due to long covid, calling it “a very insidious public health emergency under the radar screen”. . Although still mysterious in many ways, researchers know more now. UC Davis Health is one of select teaching hospitals across the country that has created a Post COVID-Clinical back in 2020. With the prospect of two years of treating patients, we invited Dr Bradley Sanvillepulmonary and intensive care physician to discuss what they have learned.

California Wild Horses

They are an iconic (and beloved) symbol of the American West: wild horses. According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), more than 64,000 wild horses roam the western United States, with about 75% galloping through most of Nevada and parts of California. The most recent migration, a herd, moving from northern Nevada to Mono County in the eastern Sierra, reignites a decades-long debate between protecting these symbolic creatures and landscape sustainability. Over the years, these horses have dominated public lands to the point that some consider them a destructive nuisance. However, others believe they are a vital aspect of the ecosystem and more needs to be done to increase their numbers. To tell us more about wild horses and the complex issues surrounding them, Insight invited Dr. Amanda Gearharta professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, to join the program, she is a pasture scientist who focuses on Nevada pasture restoration and formerly a wild horse and burro specialist with the BLM.

Pacific Standard Jazz Orchestra

Think of the perfect jazz partnership of Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and combine it with the big band style of Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra. It’s the inspiration for a new set in Sacramento. The Pacific Standard Jazz Orchestra is a mixed jazz ensemble that celebrates what they call “The Great American Songbook”, a compilation of great musical works from the early 20th century. But they approach these classics with a modern twist. Elizabeth Unpingco and Levi Saelua are the orchestra’s co-directors and joined Insight to discuss their first live performance this weekend at the Delta King on Saturday, October 22along the Sacramento waterfront.

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