Klezmer Company Jazz Orchestra presents JubanoJazz


This genre-bending concert fuses Jewish folk/Yiddish klezmer melodies mixed with Latin jazz and swing, all orchestrated and arranged for a 9-member band. A 90-minute concert experience of cross-cultural music that combines rhythms and styles from various cultures around the world while creating a blend of ethnic jazz.

Biography of the performer:

Klezmer Company Jazz Orchestra (KCJO) is a cross-genre ensemble that defies classification. KCJO continues to evolve by embracing tradition and imagination with a roster of accomplished jazz and classical musicians. Founded by Aaron Kula, KCJO debuted in 1997 with a mission to reinvent vintage music of various genres through stylized arrangements and improvisation. Over time, the ensemble has expanded its repertoire with over 300 transformed works from jazz, Broadway, American folksongs, klezmer, Yiddish theatre, Latin jazz, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and classical music. Kula often uses archival music from collections around the world as source material to create new compositions.

In 2009, KCJO released their award-winning Beyond the Tribes CD, which was selected in 2011 by the Library of Congress (LOC) for inclusion in the Copyright Acquisitions Division. The LOC cited this recording as representative of an important American culture that would “enrich the collections.” In 2012 the band released their second studio album Klezmerology and in March 2016 released their third album titled JubanoJazz, celebrating the fusion of Latin jazz and vintage American klezmer melodies. From 2011 to 2014, Kula led KCJO on concert tours in California, Arizona and Rhode Island. In 2015, KCJO was invited to perform in Canada at the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto and the Montreal Jewish Music Festival. In 2018, the band collaborated with Grammy-winning Latin jazz flautist Nestor Torres in a concert for the Jewish Federation of Broward in Florida.

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Henry R. Wright