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The jazz band highlighted what they worked on in class in front of friends and family on Wednesday, February 26

The jazz group gave a concert in front of friends and family on Wednesday February 26 in the small theatre. Their concert included seven tracks: “Orange Sherbert”, “Bye Bye Blackbird”, “Sister Sadie”, “All of Me”, “Nutville”, “Big Swing Face” and “Afterburner”.

Despite all the mistakes, junior Jason Kingsbury thinks the jazz band’s gig went well.

“I feel like the band as a whole was pretty cool” said Kingsbury. “There are a few parts we were unsure about, but the live music won’t be perfect. There are going to be mistakes, but that’s kind of all the fun. You put your own spin on it, I guess.

The jazz band started preparing for the concert around the beginning of the school year. Since they started learning the material, senior Adam Tilden has seen improvement.

“As a whole class, we’ve grown a lot since last November,” Tilden said. “As regards musical skills, rhythmically, dynamically and in tone.”

Throughout each song, various students from the jazz band performed solos that showcased their talent. Kingsbury, along with 11 other members of the jazz band, performed solos. Kingsbury had a solo in four of the seven songs.

“‘Goodbye blackbird’, [is] the one who had my job,” Kingsbury said. “I didn’t feel like I did as well as in training with it, but I still think it went pretty well in the end. You will mess up, but you end up growing from it.

Although he enjoyed all the music, “Sister Sadie” remained loyal to Tilden.

“‘I had a solo and what the saxophone section did was kind of fun,” Tilden said. “Personally, I think I did well.”

Kingsbury’s passion for music and his peers make the jazz band something he looks forward to every day.

“I think the jazz band is my favorite class. It’s a group of musicians coming together and they want to play music,” Kingsbury said. “It’s really fun that every money day I get to come in and play some jazz with a bunch of really good players.”

Junior John Fraka will participate in the All State Jazz Band on Friday, February 28, as the only student representing Mill Valley.

The jazz band’s next concert is on Thursday, April 30.

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