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Empty chairs positioned in the practice and performance spaces of the Valencia group with students in the background.

The Valencia College Symphonic and Jazz Band will perform on Thursday, October 27 at 11:30 a.m.
am This free Halloween concert will feature student musicians in the green space and outdoor mall in front of Building 5 on Valencia College East Campus. Students can hear and see the band plays Halloween-themed songs. This will be an opportunity for them to divert their the spirits.

Valencia College music teacher Jon Territo explains how he challenges music students saying:It is important to me as a teacher to give literature students this challenge, but also literature that they can apply ideas from that literature to other things,” Professor Territo said. Territo says, “We’re going to play light tunes, we’re going to play hero themes, movie themes like one of them is Star Trek, another one we have a track from “1984” by Wonder Woman, which is a real heroic track. And another piece from the movie ‘Magnificent Seven’. In addition to the Halloween music concert, the Arts and Shows of Valencia has a wide variety of performances and shows for students and the community enjoy. College events provide a great opportunity for students to experience its diverse range of programs.
The Box Office Manager at Valencia College East Campus in performing arts Center, Jennifer Thibodeau, says, “These events give students the opportunity to perform. JMusic students, they rehearse, give these concerts for free to everyone, and with this, more people have the chance to access the Center for the Performing Arts and see that there exists within the Valencia College of many different music program options.
Valencia College East Campus Performing Arts Center is a space where dance, music and art are always present. There is an incredible collection of plays in the halls and a huge theatre. It offers a lot for people who want to study art. Rob McCaffrey, Acting Dean of the School of Art/Ent, Graphics Tech EAC, says, “The School of Arts and Entertainment presents an arts season each year, and these are dance, music and theater performances. This is how students in these programs demonstrate what they have learned. And then, in addition to the interpreters, there are students who learn to operate video cameras, or to make microphones and audio”.
For many people, music is something necessary to be happy and a way to express emotions. Therefore, a very interesting question for musicians belonging to the Symphonic bands and jazz, it’s ‘what is music for you?’ Miriam Soto, 19, a student at Valencia College, Music Education, said: “For me, music has been a part of my life for years and years since I was a child, now that I study it more and I am trying to enter a career based on teaching and performance, it means the world to me.

It’s music. Music is about expressing and feeling the emotion that the melody you hear can cause, and for many that means everything. Be sure to visit the mall on October 27 at the Valencia East Campus at 11:30 a.m. to tap into your emotions at the Halloween Symphony and Jazz Concert.

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Henry R. Wright